Essay 1 & Weekly blog assignment

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You can download your assignment sheet for Essay #1 here:


Blog assignment for this week: blog about which essay prompt you plan to respond to, and your initial ideas about how you will go about responding to it. (This doesn’t commit you to a particular topic or argument — think of this as an early draft that you can change as you like later on.)


Reading for Tues 9/7

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Varney the Vampire PDF

Please download and print out for class or bring e-copy to class.

P.S. If you find PDFs difficult to deal with because you’re using the Adobe Acrobat reader, you may want to try a different reader. I use Foxit PDF reader, which can be downloaded for free here. It allows you to highlight/draw on PDF files (helpful for marking up texts), and it is less buggy than Adobe’s reader. There are also lots of other good PDF readers out there.

Reading for Thurs 9/2

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One more Slavic folktale (since we will be talking about the Slavs), and a gothic novella (short) with another female vampire.

Vampires, Carmilla & 1 Fokltale

Thanks, Johnny, for pointing out to me that there was a problem with the uploaded file. These are new (uncorrupted) files.

1. Vampire Folktale, Bucket of Blood

2. Vampire novella Carmilla

File #1 should be one page long. File #2 should be 48 pages long. Let me know if there are any problems with these files.

As usual, please bring either printed or electronic copy to class with you.

Distribution of Slavic Peoples

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See map here

Reading for Tues 8/31

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Please download, print, read, and bring to class Tuesday for discussion. Have a good weekend!

Vampires, Early European Works


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Tonight’s reading is a small collection of vampire (or vampire-ish) myths from around the world.  Be prepared to talk about themes in common and story elements in common in class this Thursday.  Please print the reading (below) or bring your laptop so that you can refer to it during class.

Vampire Mythology Around The World

Also, here is the syllabus:

Lit & Culture Syllabus