Readings for Thurs

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Download, print, read, and bring to class this Thurs. These are all early 20th-century vampire stories.

Luella Miller

For The Blood Is The Life

Count Magnus

Added 9/29/10

So… hi!  Apparently the Luella Miller isn’t working.  I’m reposting below, but you won’t be required to have this new copy of it read until next Tuesday.  Do read for Tuesday, though.

Luella Miller

  1. Ruby Kaur says:

    The Luella Miller file will not download. It is saying file damaged and could not be repaired.

  2. hrkaur says:

    I posted this comment earlier this morning too, but for some reason it didn’t post. But I am not able to down load the Luella Miller reading. It is saying it is a damaged file and cannot be repaired.

  3. Amber says:

    Is anyone else having trouble loading the Luella Miller story? I keep getting a bunch of numbers and symbols instead of actual text.

  4. foster1303 says:

    Oy. Well, as I’m just now seeing this, obviously I won’t require you to have read the story by tomorrow.

    I’ll get a non-corrupted copy up ASAP and we’ll discuss Luella on Tues of next week.

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