Essay 3 Assignment Sheet

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Essay 3


Essay 2 Assignment Sheet

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Please download, print (or have on computer screen in class) and be ready to ask questions about, if any, for class Thurs. Also, of course, finish Salem’s Lot.

Essay 2 Assignment Sheet (doc)

Readings for Tues 10/12 & Blog

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Please have the stories below read for this upcoming Tuesday. The readings are a bit shorter this time, in part because I want you to catch up and finish any short stories you did not finish from our previous readings. Expect a quiz on Tuesday. All the short stories assigned after Bram Stoker’s Dracula are fair game for this quiz.

Miss Massingberd & The Vampire

Interview With The Vampire — Excerpt

Bite-Me-Not, or, Fleur de Fur

Plus, a reminder: when I don’t assign you a specific blog post, you still need to post on your blog. 300-600 words, interpreting a reading of your choosing.

Readings for Thurs

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Hi all. Readings to go up soon. I’m at the emergency room right now. Will post them as soon as they let me go home.

Here we go. Readings below (PDFs) — please download and print out / bring as e-copies to class on computer, your choice. Oh, also, read ’em, of course. These are all short stories from the 1950s or thereabouts. They are not particularly long, and you’ll find them much easier to read than, e.g., Dracula. See you in class Thursday, where we will also watch the last 10 minutes of Nosferatu. Be ready to discuss! Think especially about this: how do these mid-century representations of vampires differ from late 19th/early 20th century representations of vampires?





  1. Print out a hard copy, staple it, and give it to me in class tomorrow.
  2. Go to Blackboard ( and log in.
  3. Choose the link for our class.
  4. You will see an inbox labeled “Turn in Essay 1 Here.”
  5. Click on that inbox and follow the instructions to upload your e-copy to Turnitin.
  6. Don’t forget — you need to turn in an e-copy AND a hard copy.

For Tues

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In the interest of improving your essays, I’m not going to assign reading for this Tues.  We’ll be doing an activity on Tues instead of discussing reading.  So show up with your completed essays and I’ll see you then.

Readings for Thurs

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Download, print, read, and bring to class this Thurs. These are all early 20th-century vampire stories.

Luella Miller

For The Blood Is The Life

Count Magnus

Added 9/29/10

So… hi!  Apparently the Luella Miller isn’t working.  I’m reposting below, but you won’t be required to have this new copy of it read until next Tuesday.  Do read for Tuesday, though.

Luella Miller